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Our social media services are unparalleled at BlackOps as we understand the art of inserting brands and brand experiences into the social media space. We take the approach of helping our clients find a suitable medium, message and voice for their brand in the social space. This is done through a combination of consumer and brand analysis, combined with an expert knowledge of social communities used to craft a solution that is unique to a brand both in approach and results.

Our social media experts understand the nuance in consumer demographics, profiling and psychology, and how this applies to the use of different social media tools and communities. We use this understanding to enable brands to engage consumers by crafting specific versions of brand voice / ambassadors that can infiltrate a demographic or community and become part of it. We take the approach that not all brands and social media communities are equal or compatible and that either the community or the brand will need to bend to fit. We then apply this understanding to help brands tailor communication method, content and frequency creating the optimal conditions under which a brand will build awareness, respect and community in the social media space.

Understanding that brand image is important, and that the social media space can create an uncertain environment for negative conversations surrounding your brand, we have created ways to manipulate and limit these dangers for our clients. We achieve this through the use of several conversation and community influence techniques. These methods include conversation monitoring, moderation, creation of brand controlled communities or the highly effective method of deploying specialty trained social community participants that work for the brand infiltrating and influencing the public conversation.

No matter whether your brand wants an organic consumer conversation, brand influence, presence or total control over social media our skilled team can help you develop a strategy that is right for your brand and consumer.

Best In Class

  • Link in to the entire world with our automatic publishing features to and from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    Social Media Solutions
  • Generate revenue with your site through ad networks, affiliate programs and donation systems geared at supporting yourself or your charitable foundations.

    Revenue Opportunities
  • Our site management system enables you, your team or our BlackOps community managers to keep your site up to date easily from the office or the road.

    Website Management Solutions

BlackOps Social Platform Features

  • Post Blogs & Articles
  • Bulk Post Photo Galleries
  • Video Players & Galleries
  • Social CRM System
  • Facebook & Twitter Connect
  • Site Updates From Mobile
  • Auto Post Site Content
  • Facebook Page Application
  • Contest Engine
  • Affiliate Store System
  • Private & Public Ad Network
  • Many More Features...
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