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Innovative Custom Development

In order to be effective in the modern digital marketing world BlackOps understands it takes more than just a strong idea, great creative and a slick promotion to create an impact in the competitive digital marketplace. We believe it takes an exceptional knowledge base of current and emerging technologies to ensure our solutions are not only cutting edge, but scalable, efficient, effective and profitable.

This belief drives our technology team to ensure that all of our technical executions are developed in harmony with the overall strategy, creative and brand approach. This means that our technology solutions not only enable the visionary strategic / creative concepts that are developed at BlackOps, but also incorporate a full spectrum of business tools that enable our clients and strategic team to learn more about how consumers interact with their campaigns, promotions and brands.

This information is then analyzed to provide valuable insights used to fine tune future projects allowing us to better service the consumers interacting with your brand and ultimately provide better performance, adoption rates and in the end greater return on investment. It is this cycle of build, analyze and adapt that has served our technical and strategy teams well over the years allowing us to provide solutions that are designed and built to handle real world conditions based on real world demands.

No matter what your project’s requirements our technical services network is unmatched in providing your brand with a platform of tools and knowledge that allows for scalable, high performance and highly available solutions to be delivered for even the highest volume of visitor traffic that today's web 2.0 / promotional executions demand. Regardless of whether you need a single site, promotion, application, e-commerce solution or enterprise level content delivery and management system we have the experience to design, develop and deploy a solution that will meet your needs.

Best In Class

  • Link in to the entire world with our automatic publishing features to and from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    Social Media Solutions
  • Generate revenue with your site through ad networks, affiliate programs and donation systems geared at supporting yourself or your charitable foundations.

    Revenue Opportunities
  • Our site management system enables you, your team or our BlackOps community managers to keep your site up to date easily from the office or the road.

    Website Management Solutions

BlackOps Social Platform Features

  • Post Blogs & Articles
  • Bulk Post Photo Galleries
  • Video Players & Galleries
  • Social CRM System
  • Facebook & Twitter Connect
  • Site Updates From Mobile
  • Auto Post Site Content
  • Facebook Page Application
  • Contest Engine
  • Affiliate Store System
  • Private & Public Ad Network
  • Many More Features...
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